I Squanch My Family

 Squanchy: Rick Sanchez, you psycho bag of squanch!

 Rick: Hey, what’s up Squanchy.

 Morty and Summer: Hey Squanchy.

 Squanchy: Morty. Summer. And you must be Beth.

[kisses hand]

 Squanchy: On squanche.

 Beth: Your language has the word “squanch” in it a lot. Doesn’t that become tedious and worn out like the Smurf thing?

 Rick: Beth, Squanchy culture is more contextual than literal. You just say what’s in your squanch, and people understand.

 Beth: Oh, OK. I squanch my family.

[Rick and Squanchy cringe]

 Beth: What? I do. I squanch my family.

 Squanchy: Stop saying it. Gross. Come on in guys. The guests are having cocksquanches.

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