Baby Legs

 Chief: You’re a good detective. But not good enough because of your baby legs. So I’m partnering you up with regular legs.

 Regular Legs: Hey there.

 Baby Legs: Detective, umm this is upsetting to me because I feel like I don’t need no regular legged partner.

 Chief: Baby Legs, don’t talk back to me. Good luck you two, there’s a criminal to kill.

[sips coffee]

[Baby and Regular Legs enter warehouse]

 Regular Legs: Wow, you sure found this guy quick.

 Baby Legs: Uh yeah, because I’m a good detective.

 Regular Legs: Look, Baby Legs, it’s the criminal.

[criminal drops box of “not drugs” and runs]

 Criminal: Ahh, shit! I’m the killer, I’m runnin’, I’m runnin’ real quick!

[Baby Legs holds Regular Legs back]

 Baby Legs: Baby Legs, here we go!

[Baby Legs makes whirring noises]

 Baby Legs: That’s the sound I make when I’m trying to run fast.

[Baby Legs takes a few more steps and falls over]

 Baby Legs: Alright, I’m not gonna get him. I just learned a real valuable lesson.

 Regular Legs: I’m comin’ Baby Legs! I’m Regular Legs.

[Regular Legs tackles criminal]

 Regular Legs: We got ’em!

 Baby Legs: Hey, that was good teamwork.

[back at headquarters]

 Chief: Baby Legs and Regular Legs, I’m proud of you two for working together. And Baby Legs, I know it was hard for you to come to the conclusion that you needed a partner, but I’m proud of you that you did it.

 Baby Legs: Hey, thanks Chief.

 Cheif: Now get the fuck outta here!

[back in living room]

 Rick: Pretty cool, huh Morty?

[Rick realizes Morty has left and stupid Jerry is sitting next to him]

 Rick: Oh.

 Jerry: Uhh, I thought it was cool.

 Rick: I don’t give a fuck what you think, Jerry!

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