Abradolf Lincler

 Summer: Are you kidding me? I don’t even know why she’s here.

 Rick: Oooh, not cool Summer. This is a party, everyone should be welcome.

[Abradolf Lincler busts through the living room wall]

 Rick: Oh great. Who invited Abradolf Lincler?

 Summer: I thought everyone was welcome?

 Rick: It’s not the same Summer. Lincler is a crazed maniac. Just some misguided effort of mine to create a morally neutral super leader by combining the DNA of Adolf Hitler and Abraham Lincoln. Turns out it just adds up to a lame, weird loser.

 Abradolf: Rick! You brought me into this world. The suffering abomination. Tortured by the duality of it’s being. But I shall finally know peace when I watch the life drain from your wretched body!

[bumps into black kid/Brad]

 Brad: Woah, what’s up man?

 Abradolf: I have no quarrel with you boy.

 Brad: Boy? What’s that supposed to mean?

 Abradolf: It’s just… look, I don’t know how you thought I meant it, but…

[motions to Rick for help]

 Rick: Don’t look at me dude.

 Abradolf: Look I’m half Abraham Lincoln, sooo…

 Brad: Sooo… I should get on my knees and kiss your ass?

 Abradolf: Well, no but…. you know…

 Brad: What do I know? That the Third Reich will reign for a thousand years?

 Jessica: Leave him alone Brad.

 Brad: Stay out of this Jessica!

 Rick: Kick his ass Brad! Kick! His! Ass!

[crowd chants “Kick. His. Ass.” and fight starts]

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